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Prince named himself. He and friends co-founded New Creation in When he became the senior pastor in , services only drew about people on a typical Sunday. But Prince takes it farther, arguing that God is never angry with Christians and that He promises the faithful material as well as spiritual blessing. Joshua Woo Sze Zeng, a Presbyterian preacher and blogger in Singapore, recalls attending a New Creation service in which Prince shared that God had suggested investing in gold.

Today, weekly attendance at New Creation averages more than 20,, with eight services four in English, two in Korean, and one each in Mandarin and Hokkien. And his sermons are now broadcast online and on television in dozens of countries; in the U. Indeed, Prince — who has become wealthy through his TV deals and book sales — venerates typically American ideas of success. Jesus is about to put in the key and set you free. How does a shy lawyer in the midst of a midlife love affair decide to have sex in front of strangers?

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The Star Auditorium in Singapore. Laban agreed to the arrangement. These seven years seemed to Jacob "but a few days, for the love he had for her. In the morning, when the truth became known, Laban justified his action, saying that in his country it was unheard of to give a younger daughter before the older. However, he agreed to give Rachel in marriage as well if Jacob would work another seven years.

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After the week of wedding celebrations with Leah, Jacob married Rachel, and he continued to work for Laban for another seven years. Jacob, having been celibate until the age of 84, fathered twelve children in the next seven years. Rachel, however, remained barren. Following the example of Sarah, who gave her handmaid to Abraham after years of infertility, Rachel gave Jacob her handmaid, Bilhah , in marriage so that Rachel could raise children through her.

Bilhah gave birth to Dan and Naphtali. Seeing that she had left off childbearing temporarily, Leah then gave her handmaid Zilpah to Jacob in marriage so that Leah could raise more children through her. Zilpah gave birth to Gad and Asher. Afterwards, Leah became fertile again and gave birth to Issachar , Zebulun , and Dinah , Jacob's first and only daughter. God remembered Rachel, who gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin.

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After Joseph was born, Jacob decided to return home to his parents. Laban the Aramean was reluctant to release him, as God had blessed his flock on account of Jacob.

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Laban asked what he could pay Jacob. Jacob suggested that all the spotted, speckled, and brown goats and sheep of Laban's flock, at any given moment, would be his wages. Jacob placed rods of poplar, hazel, and chestnut, all of which he peeled "white streaks upon them," [19] within the flocks' watering holes or troughs in a performance of sympathetic magic , associating the stripes of the rods with the growth of stripes on the livestock.

The angel of the Lord , in a dream back during the breeding season, told Jacob "Now lift your eyes and see [that] all the he goats mounting the animals are ringed, speckled, and striped, for I have seen all that Laban is doing to you", [22] that he is the God whom Jacob met at Bethel, [23] and that Jacob should leave and go back to the land where he was born, [24] which he and his wives and children did without informing Laban.

Before they left, Rachel stole the teraphim , considered to be household idols, from Laban's house. Laban pursued Jacob for seven days. The night before he caught up to him, God appeared to Laban in a dream and warned him not to say anything good or bad to Jacob. Knowing nothing about Rachel's theft, Jacob told Laban that whoever stole them should die and stood aside to let him search.

When Laban reached Rachel's tent, she hid the teraphim by sitting on them and stating she could not get up because she was menstruating. Jacob and Laban then parted from each other with a pact to preserve the peace between them.

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Laban returned to his home and Jacob continued on his way. As Jacob neared the land of Canaan, he sent messengers ahead to his brother Esau. They returned with the news that Esau was coming to meet Jacob with an army of men. With great apprehension, Jacob prepared for the worst. He engaged in earnest prayer to God, then sent on before him a tribute of flocks and herds to Esau, "A present to my lord Esau from thy servant Jacob.

Jacob then transported his family and flocks across the ford Jabbok by night, then recrossed back to send over his possessions, being left alone in communion with God. There, a mysterious being appeared "man," Genesis , 28; or "God," Genesis , 30, Hosea , 5; or "angel," Hosea , and the two wrestled until daybreak. Because of this, "to this day the people of Israel do not eat the sinew of the thigh that is on the hip socket" Genesis This incident is the source of the mitzvah of porging.

Jacob asked the being's name, but he refused to answer. Josephus uses only the terms "angel", "divine angel," and "angel of God," describing the struggle as no small victory. According to Rashi, the being was the guardian angel of Esau himself, sent to destroy Jacob before he could return to the land of Canaan. Trachtenberg theorized that the being refused to identify itself for fear that, if its secret name was known, it would be conjurable by incantations. Morris say that the stranger was "God Himself and, therefore, Christ in His preincarnate state", citing Jacob's own evaluation and the name he assumed thereafter, "one who fights victoriously with God", and adding that God had appeared in the human form of the Angel of the Lord to eat a meal with Abraham in Genesis In the morning, Jacob assembled his four wives and 11 sons, placing the maidservants and their children in front, Leah and her children next, and Rachel and Joseph in the rear.

Some commentators cite this placement as proof that Jacob continued to favor Joseph over Leah's children, as presumably the rear position would have been safer from a frontal assault by Esau, which Jacob feared. Jacob himself took the foremost position. Esau's spirit of revenge, however, was apparently appeased by Jacob's bounteous gifts of camels, goats and flocks.

Their reunion was an emotional one. Esau offered to accompany them on their way back to Israel, but Jacob protested that his children were still young and tender born six to 13 years prior in the narrative ; Jacob suggested eventually catching up with Esau at Mount Seir. According to the Sages, this was a prophetic reference to the End of Days, when Jacob's descendants will come to Mount Seir, the home of Edom, to deliver judgment against Esau's descendants for persecuting them throughout the millennia see Obadiah Jacob actually diverted himself to Succoth and was not recorded as rejoining Esau until, at Machpelah , the two bury their father Isaac, who lived to be , and was 60 years older than they were.

Jacob then arrived in Shechem , where he bought a parcel of land, now identified as Joseph's Tomb. In Shechem, Jacob's daughter Dinah was kidnapped and raped by the ruler's son, who desired to marry the girl. Dinah's brothers, Simeon and Levi, agreed in Jacob's name to permit the marriage as long as all the men of Shechem first circumcised themselves, ostensibly to unite the children of Jacob in Abraham's covenant of familial harmony. On the third day after the circumcisions, when all the men of Shechem were still in pain, Simeon and Levi put them all to death by the sword and rescued their sister Dinah, and their brothers plundered the property, women, and children.

Jacob condemned this act, saying: "You have brought trouble on me by making me a stench to the Canaanites and Perizzites , the people living in this land. Jacob returned to Bethel, where he had another vision of blessing. According to the Midrash, [33] the plural form of the word "weeping" indicates the double sorrow that Rebecca also died at this time.

Jacob then made a further move while Rachel was pregnant; near Bethlehem , Rachel went into labor and died as she gave birth to her second son, Benjamin Jacob's twelfth son.

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Jacob buried her and erected a monument over her grave. Rachel's Tomb , just outside Bethlehem, remains a popular site for pilgrimages and prayers to this day.

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Jacob then settled in Migdal Eder , where his firstborn, Reuben, slept with Rachel's servant Bilhah; Jacob's response was not given at the time, but he did condemn Reuben for it later, in his deathbed blessing. Jacob was finally reunited with his father Isaac in Mamre outside Hebron. When Isaac died at the age of , Jacob and Esau buried him in the Cave of the Patriarchs , which Abraham had purchased as a family burial plot.

At this point in the biblical narrative, two genealogies of Esau's family appear under the headings "the generations of Esau". A conservative interpretation is that, at Isaac's burial, Jacob obtained the records of Esau, who had been married 80 years prior, and incorporated them into his own family records, and that Moses augmented and published them. The house of Jacob dwelt in Hebron , [35] in the land of Canaan. His flocks were often fed in the pastures of Shechem [36] [37] as well as Dothan.

Thus Joseph's half brothers were jealous of him and they ridiculed him often. When Joseph was 17 years old, Jacob made a long coat or tunic of many colors for him. Seeing this, the half brothers began to hate Joseph. Then Joseph began to have dreams that implied that his family would bow down to him.